I’ve got a couple of big projects on my mind right now, and I’m curious about what the general feel is out there about some of the open source options I’m considering, so I thought I’d rattle them off and see if anyone had any thoughts.

#1 WordPress-like Clojure CMS

This project would be massive and I’d need to build up a strong community around it, but the idea is to take clj-blog and integrate it with more of a full-purpose-cms. This project would probably be based in Noir, use Korma and generally stick to the things I’ve already decided I’m comfortable with.

#2 Clojure migrations

This one should be pretty obvious to anyone used to the ActiveRecord style migrations. There is something to say about having all of that in a runnable little script.

#3 A generator library for Noir

Noir adopts a sinatra-style “Do what you feel like doing” attitude for the structure. I’ve been thinking about rolling up a lein plugin that would generate more opinionated Noir projects (probably including Korma by default, setting up an MVC style structure and integrating the Clojure Migrations project mentioned above). This is another big project, and one that would really use Noir as a base for a much more complex framework. I’m torn on this because while it IS nice to have everything in one place, rails has been getting far too opinionated lately.

#4 An implementation of Slim and/or Haml 

The Haml implemntations are hopelessly out dated (many not seeing updates over the last two or three years) and as far as I know no port of Slim has been done. This might be a cool project to improve an otherwise painful templating situation in Clojure.

And that’s all she wrote:

Let me know if anything there seems stupid, useful or otherwise worth commenting on. More importantly let me know if any of that exists and I just failed at researching it!