I’ve been busily looking at the options, getting a feel for templating languages, scrapers and all around view generation in Noir. There are a lot of options out there, including everything Java ever did along with a series of clojure specific plugins and concepts.

So the conclusion?

SlimĀ for Clojure wins outĀ for me by a wide margin. Slim is similar to Haml in its syntax, white space sensitive and generally easy to read, while adding a few nice features and eliminating a few more characters from your HTML generation.

What does it look like? A little like this:

      p Hello World

The Clojure implementation of Slim is developed by Chas Lemley, a Ruby software developer in the Atlanta area.

*Disclaimer: I have worked with both Andy Stone, the creator of Slim and Chas Lemley. Some bias may apply.